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The past few years I am naming my “I did not see it coming, hey the world is flipped upside down” period of transformation and personal growth.  I kind of imagined moving into my 50’s would be like putting on my most comfortable and worn pair of jeans. This would be my time to enjoy the comfort of years of hard work - soft and easy.  What I did not see coming was my 50’s being a time to shake up my entire wardrobe, but life had other ideas. And while I don’t recall inviting it, over the past few years, I have been pushed and invited to examine what in life is a “good fit” and to move with this in mind.  I have learned to ask myself simple, but difficult questions like “does this feel good?” I have learned to explore the edges of my own comfort to better access beauty and balance. I have learned to create space to experience growth even when it is uncomfortable, I mean really really really uncomfortable.  And so while, yes, I was looking forward to settling into my 50’s with ease I have accepted and embrace the growth and healing that has come through disruption. I feel more awake and alive to a greater sense of purpose and through this process have developed a practice, Nourish Radiance, that I am excited to share with you.  Nourish Radiance is about feeding your mind body heart through simple rituals of daily practice as tools to empower you to live your most authentic and radiant life.

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Where do you start?  It might start by not reaching for something to make discomfort go away.  And instead to invite it closer by creating space for yourself to feel into your experience.  Healing for me started with the ritual of what I now call a self-care placeholder. It was taking a few minutes each morning to just sit in stillness and quiet, which I now understand was key in helping my find my way to strength.  It was an index-card with simple reminders to brush my teeth and take a bath. From this place I connected to rituals and practices that embrace beauty to support healing and living. As you create space for your own deep work, I want to make it easier for you to access what you are most in need of to live emotionally and spiritually awake.  Connecting to intentional practices, big or small, that feel good to you is a process worth coming home to, again and again.

My favorite morning ritual is to start my day quiet and cozy curled up on my red chair.  I have a stellar mug of coffee and a book of quotes that help connect to a positive mindset so that I can live a life of beauty, fully and authentically.

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