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My past few years I am naming my “I did not see it coming, hey my world has flipped upside down”. It has been a period of transformation and personal growth.  I had imagined moving into my 50’s would be like putting on my most comfortable worn pair of jeans. It would be my time to enjoy many years of hard work with a soft and easy approach.  What I did not see coming was my 50’s as being a time to shake up my entire wardrobe, but life had other ideas. And, while I don’t recall inviting it over the past few years, I have been pushed and invited to examine my life. I have learned to ask myself simple, but powerful questions like “does this feel good?” “does thins bring me joy?” “does this serve me well?” “is this a good fit?”. I have learned to explore the edges of my own comfort to better access beauty and balance. I have learned to create space to experience growth, even when it is uncomfortable, and I mean really really really uncomfortable.  So while yes I was looking forward to settling into my 50’s with ease, I have accepted and embraced the growth and healing that has come through disruption. I feel more awake and alive with a greater sense of purpose. It is through this process that I have developed a practice, Nourish Radiance, that I am excited to share with you.  Nourish Radiance is about feeding your mind, your body, your heart, and your soul through simple rituals of daily living. Practices as tools that support you in living your best most radiant life.

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